One has to ask themselves what Space Engineers is really about these days. With the PCU limits and the limits of the engine, MP SE is not about building indefinitely, you simply can’t without chocking the engine. PvE players will find themselves at the limits within a week or two.

This server is about PvP. In order to drive PvP I’ve removed all PG asteroids. There are now four asteroid fields that will reset frequently. Planet side resources remain untouched, to give new players a chance to get some ore without being ganked. We are going to give this a go, this is a pretty drastic change that may not go over well with everyone but those of you who know me know that I’ll try and make it work for as many people as possible. Let’s blow each other up!

GPS:Asteroid Field One:-50444:109468:204321:
GPS:Asteroid Field Two:59606.47:-111718.6:-183630.33:
GPS:Asteroid Field Three:186028.8:241484.59:-30851.92:
GPS:Asteroid Field Four:-30549.1:-233903.94:90971.32:

Thorium is still at the same location and may move around occasionally, resetting randomly.

FYI: Resource information for asteroid fields totals:

Name Volume m³
Cobalt Ore 3,340,349.498
Gold Ore 2,527,705.467
Ice 17,079,202.224
Iron Ore 121,748,844.439
Magnesium Ore 1,025,216.235
Nickel Ore 1,349,153.380
Platinum Ore 4,272,382.216
Silicon Ore 409,207.106
Silver Ore 1,946,367.133
Stone 337,686,648.090
Uranium Ore 3,655,057.082

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