I wanted to write a little post about the in game BuiltBy (Created blocks in the menu) limits to help with some confusion. In game limits use this functionality, not ownership so it is important to understand what this means.

  • Hand Welding
    • Whomever places a block down sets the BuiltBy element of the block.
    • The person who welds the block’s computers sets the ownership of the block
  • Ship Welding
    • The person who placed the ship welder is the person who will claim the BuiltBy element, not the person who owns the welder.  This applies to projections.
    • The person who owns the welder will determine the ownership of the block.

Yeah….confused yet? Yeah….

So what happens when you are at the BuiltBy (created) limit for a block?

  • Ship welders will appear broke and simply not weld the block
  • Hand welding will inform you (I think) when you attempt to place the block
  • Hand welding a projection will silently fail (I think)

What about transferring blocks to other players?

  • If the person you are trying to transfer the block to is over ANY limit, any transfer will fail.  This means even if the blocks you are trying to transfer are not over the transfer target’s limits, it will still fail.
    • Example – The receiving player of the block transfer has 6/5 refineries. He is over his refinery limit. The receiving player has 2 gatling turrets (the receiving player is not over or even close to the gatling turret limit). The ship that you are attempting to transfer the grids from has no refineries and 1 Gatling turret.  Due to the fact that the receiving player is over his refinery limit he will not be able to accept the turret transfer, or any other transfer until he resolves the refinery limit.
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