The objective of Thorium has always been to encourage interaction. The way it is currently setup, someone can mine all the Thorium available in just a few minutes. This is not really what I want. I want people to go there, stay there, and go back there often. Thorium will spawn more frequently as well.

First thing I’m going to do is change the way Thorium is mined. You will now find much bigger asteroids in the Thorium field. I will be adding a lot more Asteroids as I get them the way I want. When you mine Thorium, you will get a lot more ore now. It will require more ore to refine into an Ingot. After you refine it, it is more manageable and of course easier to steal it, store it, and move it. I may make small adjustments to it as I feel this out.

I’ve added T3 armor. T3 armor is just about the same as it was on the old FC. It’s heavy, super durable and just about silly expensive. This armor is not setup to be a primary armor for your ship. It’s way to expensive and heavy for that. It’s late game stuff designed to be strategically placed or used in other ways.

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