We have been running asteroid fields for three weeks and during that time I have evaluated, reevaluated and evaluated again… In theory this is a great idea but in practice not so much. I don’t think it will achieve the objective that I was after. I know I may be going against the grain of what some of you want, and honestly, I’m going against what I want as well.

You don’t have to mine much once established. Pretty soon you become just a predator there, killing other miners, never really risking your own miner. If you had to mine all the time that would be a different dynamic but you really don’t. Once you are established you don’t have to mine much at all. The other argument is the planet. Having 0 PG has an impact on the planet ore generation too apparently. And well the planet is terrible. What else is there to say.

In the long run, I would like asteroid fields but I don’t think that is where we should be right now.

Instead I’m going to focus on Thorium, like I have in the past. To that end there are some Thorium thrusters now on the server. They are a variant of the hellicarrier thruster with most of the variants removed because most of the variants are massively large and all the variants add extra things for me to do.

The thruster consumes a metric ton of power and you will need Irgath reactors to make them useful. They have a little more thrust than hydro.

I hope you hardcore FCers stay with me and trust me here. What I’m saying makes sense and I believe is the reality.  I will continue to bring more Thorium goodies to the server to encourage as much PvP as possible.

PG Asteroids are thin, a little less than half of default.

PS: Ice does not randomly generate now. It’s on planetoids and at Thorium only.

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