I’m going to put a new mod on the server.  Before I link it I want you to read how it will be limited. The purpose of this mod is to repair damaged blocks after combat. It will not replace missing blocks nor will it weld your ships for you. It’s simply to assist with repairing damaged blocks and/or salvaging ships if you want to start over.

I may remove this mod at any time.

  • It will require 800MW of power (it will use a lot of power and require infrastructure to use (ie, lots of reactors, or irgath reactors, making it more difficult to use in combat)
  • It will not be able to build projections
  • It will not be able to be used offensively (janitor feature turned off)
  • It will weld / grind one block at a time at .5 speed
  • One per player
  • “walk mode” only (mostly for performance reasons and to prevent factions from doing bad things) – this means it has to be placed on the actual ship you want to weld or grind
  • The mod may be removed any time
  • The mod has a range limit of 75m.

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