Fountain Core is returning. I encourage everyone reading this to give it a go. Just about every FC mod has been reworked.

New direct fire weapons will be more important than ever. Being able to deliver those weapons on target will be as equally important. Larger grids may be at a disadvantage if you can get on target. Turrets are no longer limited and are controlled simply by PCU allotment. Combined limits for some direct fire weapons will provide more variation in what you may be up against in any engagement. Weapons have very high resists to help make them last longer during a fight along with tubes and conveyor blocks.

Asteroids are in nine fields at the time of this writing. Some of these fields are big, sometimes 60km across, some are much smaller. Each field contains somewhere between 20 and 50 asteroids. Each asteroid field will be missing at least one ore type. New players will find that their respawn space ship has a special jump drive to help them get to their first destination.

Composite armor has replaced reactive armor and has been completely re-balanced. It is not as strong as before.

The killboard will be back along with market data on the website. The market will sell you a lot more of each component, ore and ingot.

These are only some of the changes. See you at Thorium….

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