Fountain Core is a Dedicated Space Engineers server with PvP at it’s core.

Let’s face it. Space Engineers was not built for PvP. World size, unlimited resources, limited reasons to work together as a group, the common fear you may have of “losing your stuff” all play a part.

Some of these challenges (aka opportunities) are exactly what I have attempted to address on Fountain Core. Yes it is still a struggle but it is what I am 100% focused on for this server. 

Fountain Core offers a killboard and leader-board, jump drive inhibitors, interdiction webs (slows down large grids), defense disrupters (disabled large grid defenses), limited radar, and limited special resources. Some mods are small ship only, some are large ship only, driving player interaction and forcing players to work together. 

It’s not perfect, but I’ve personally been attempting to achieve a better PvP server since I started it back in 2014. I made some mistakes and am probably still making some but experience has taught me a lot and I truly believe Fountain Core is the best PvP Experience to be had in Space Engineers. 

There are a ton of videos of natural Survival PvP occurring on the server. In our Discord in the video channel they are pinned. If you are looking for an almost anything goes PvP server, with virtually no PvP rules, you have found your home. I encourage you to join our discord and check out some pinned videos in the video channel.