Kill Mechanics Explained

  • Whenever a cockpit gets damaged, the grid is remembered and a timer is set for a minute in the future. If a cockpit on that grid gets damaged again, the timer is reset to a minute in the future. After the time elapses, the grid is checked for functional cockpits. If no functional cockpit is found, the kill is announced to the server. If there is a functional cockpit, it is checked again four minutes later.
  • All friendly fire is ignored. If a cockpit gets damaged by an enemy, and a friendly destroys the cockpit before the time has elapsed, the kill is rewarded to the last enemy to damage a cockpit.
  • Once a kill is rewarded, the victim is remembered for 10 minutes. Any further kills to that victim will be ignored in that timespan. This is to prevent double-counting a kill when a secondary cockpit breaks off from the main grid. “

Efficiency & Points

  • Points are based on the number of blocks on the ship that is either the attacking ship or the victim ship. Large grids will ultimately be worth 4x points of small grids, however all blocks are currently worth the same.
  • Pilot efficiency is based on how many blocks you have destroyed vs how many you have lost. A pilot with 0 points lost and at least one point would have an efficiency of 1. The formula is : $efficiency = $pointsdestroyed / ($pointsdestroyed + $pointslost).
  • The leader-board is currently based on points, ultimately there will several leader-boards. One based on efficiency, one based on kills, one based on points.