Things you need to know

  • Running a server with 1.0 sim speed requires compromises.
    Everything below is required to keep the server running smooth.
  • Anything that goes past the 400km mark will be deleted on server restart.
    Create a new GPS at 0, 0, 0 to see how far from center you are.
  • Any grid without a beacon on it will be deleted on server restart.
    Beacons do not need to be powered, and they don’t need to be set to any particular range.
  • Voxels are reset every week.
    If you build under ground it will be buried. Planet voxels reset Sunday morning at 6:45 AM CST. Asteroid voxels reset Saturday morning at 7:00AM CST.
  • You can only remote delete grids on Saturday.
    Your blocks can be pirated. You will have to live without what was stolen until you remote delete them.
  • Respawn ships are extremely glitchy.
    Do not merge them to anything. Do not build off of them. Create a new grid as soon as possible and grind them down.
  • Everything a player builds is cleaned up after 2 weeks of inactivity.
    The following Space Engineers bugs come into effect: Any respawn points they built are opened to everyone. Any grids they owned are deleted. Any grids connected to grids they owned are deleted.
  • Any grid with less than 10 blocks will be deleted every hour.
  • If you cause server side performance issues you will be asked to stop.
  • If you attempt to get around the spirit of the rules, or the limits, you will earn a ban.
  • A mod list can be found on Discord as a pinned message in #se_mods.


  • Many blocks have a per-player limit for performance reasons.
    Use the K menu in-game to see the maximum number of blocks you can have.
  • Four (two T1 and two T2) drills allowed per player.
    The T2 drills are equal to about 30 regular drills.
  • Maximum of 100 stacks per cargo container, assembler, or refinery.
    Clean up after yourself. Containers, assemblers, and refineries over this limit may be deleted without notice.
  • Maximum grid length is 400 meters.
  • Maximum of 6000 blocks per grid.
  • Maximum of 4 drills per grid.
  • Maximum of 8 welders & grinders per grid.
  • Maximum of 8 grids per player.
  • Wheels, rotors, oxygen farms (predicable crash), and scripts are disabled for performance reasons.

Ore Locations

  • Thorium & Mercurite are located within 20k of one location.
  • Ice is only located on planetoids and inside the Thorium and Mercurite asteroids.

Pirate Bases