Time Savers

  • Use T2 drills as soon as possible. They are worth it.
  • The Build and Repair block will repair any damaged or partially built blocks.
    It requires 50MW or it will eat components for lunch, nomnom!


  • The planetoids are constantly raided… establish there at your own peril.
  • Voxels are reset weekly. If your base is underground it will be buried.
  • Deletion for inactivity affects all connected grids (via connector or landing gear). Be careful who you let park on your base!
  • Medical rooms that were owned by an inactive player will revert to nobody if they are not deleted, making them open to the public. Keep track of who owns medical rooms on your grids.


  • You can convert teammate’s stations to ships by sitting in their cockpit and saying /convert in chat.

Special Ore and Blocks

  • Mercurite and Thorium are required for more powerful weapons and blocks.
  • Thorium & Mercurite are condensed in to one region, be prepared for a fight here.
  • Irgath reactors are twice as powerful as standard reactors.
  • Irgath batteries, artificial mass, hydrogen generators, warheads, and gyroscopes are significantly better than their vanilla counterparts.
  • Composite armor is significantly better than heavy armor, but it is heavy and extremely expensive.


  • Designing a viable warship takes a lot of research, development, and patience.
  • The best way to create a better ship is to fight and learn why your current design failed.
  • You do not need Thorium to create a viable warship, but it definitely helps.
  • Gravity drives are much more powerful than thrusters. Use them.
  • Siege missiles are the most important weapon on a large-grid warship.
  • Projectors and welders should be used to keep your siege missiles alive.

Electronic Warfare

  • Jump Drive Inhibitor
    A device for large-grid ships that prevents jump drives from functioning in it’s broadcast area. Only prevents jump out, not jump in. Max distance for this block is 8000 meters no matter what you set the beacon broadcast to. This device will broadcast your location. Most useful for preventing enemies from running away.

Team Warfare

  • Outnumbering your enemy can help you win, but it is not guaranteed.
  • Small-grid ships will get destroyed in seconds if they approach a large-grid with active turrets.